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Hi Friend,

November is here, it's the start of the Fall/Winter season, and we are happy to be welcoming our seasonal visitors, friends and neighbors back to La Paz. This is a time of year when the social scene starts to buzz again, tours to our famous local attractions like the whale sharks and the sea lion colony at Espíritu Santo are starting up, and the malecón downtown begins to hum with life after the long hot summer. The real estate market is also in full swing again, new listings are beginning to come on the market and folks are busy scheduling their househunting trips here to see if our little slice of paradise is right for them. If you are planning a trip to La Paz soon, be sure to check out our Visitor's Guide below to help you prepare.

Interest in the new master-planned community of Villas del Centenario, featuring ocean view homes in the hills of El Centenario, is growing, with 14 lots now under contract. There has been a lot of work on the community behind the scenes to get the Neighborhood Association approved, the subdivision registered, the lot map updated and internal roads marked out, among other things. See the link to the full story below.

Our friend and local La Paz resident Brighton West has been creating a series of videos about La Paz area neighborhoods. Last month, we brought you a tour of El Centenario neighborhoods. This month, the latest in the series offers a video tour of downtown La Paz, featuring Baja Life Realty's own Ian Wilson, who takes us on a tour of the different neighborhoods in the La Paz Centro area.

We hope you enjoy this month’s newsletter, and we welcome our seasonal residents and visitors back in La Paz. As always, contact us with any questions, or just drop us a line to let us know if you're planning a trip to La Paz. We'd love to help you make the most of your visit.

Jim & Rebecca MacDonald
Baja Life Realty

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Villas del Centenario Update
14 lots reserved, presale pricing to end November 15th, 2021.
14 lots are now under contract in this new master-planned community of ocean view homes located in the hills of El Centenario, and the developer's presale pricing, which provides discounts on lot reservations from 10-20%, will end on November 15th, 2021. Base prices on homes will also increase at that time due to recent increases in materials costs, so don't miss this last opportunity to lock in your presale discounts. Six floor plans are available to build on the spacious 1,500m2+ ocean view lots, which can be reserved with a 50% deposit on the lot premium. The first homes are scheduled to break ground in early 2022. To see the updated lot map and download an overview brochure with base home pricing, follow the links below.

Have a friend or family member interested in building a home in Villas del Centenario? Send them our way, and if they sign a contract, we pay you a referral fee! To share details about the community with your friends, you can send them these links:

Neighborhood Tour: Downtown La Paz
Check out local resident Brighton West's second video tour of La Paz  neighborhoods, this time featuring real estate options in the downtown area.
Last month, we brought you a video tour of El Centenario. In this new video, local resident Brighton West and Baja Life Realty's Ian Wilson take us on a tour of La Paz's downtown neighborhoods to look at some of the different housing options available in these areas.

La Paz Visitor's Guide
Planning a visit to La Paz this season? Download our handy Visitor's Guide for tips on how to prepare and make the most of your trip.
Planning a visit to La Paz for the first time? Or, has it been a while since your last visit? Download our handy La Paz Visitor's guide to help you plan your trip. From deciding when to visit, to planning your travel and choosing a place to stay, it's all here, including:

When To Visit?: That depends on your goals. La Paz and the surrounding area offer a wide variety of experiences, but not all of them are available all year long.

Arranging Travel to La Paz: There are many ways to get to La Paz from other cities. We give you an overview of a few of the most popular.

Where to stay in La Paz: There are plenty of great options for booking your stay. Whether you prefer a resort style hotel, a boutique inn or a vacation home rental, you can find it here. We include some of our favorites.

Pre-trip Preparations: You’ve made your travel plans, but as you get closer to your travel date, you’ll want to make sure you are prepared so you can optimize your experience.

Travel Day: What to do when you arrive, and how to get to La Paz from Los Cabos airport.

Download the guide now and start planning your househunting trip to La Paz!

Spotlight on El Centenario: Baja Ciber
Local shop offers Internet access, copies, laminating, printing and more.
Need to scan your passport and email the file to your notary’s office? Want extra copies made of your fideicomiso? Need to print a document, make a sign, or laminate your vaccine card? Baja Ciber offers the digital services you need, right here in El Centenario.

Useful Spanish
Each month, we'll bring you a useful Spanish phrase or tip to help get you started speaking like a local.
When you spend time here in La Paz, one of the first things you will notice is the friendliness of the local residents, so you will want to know how to say hello. "Hola" (OH-lah) is informal, the equivalent of "Hi" in English and is usually followed by one of the following more formal greetings, which vary according to the time of day. If it's before noon, you say "Buenos días" (BWEH-nos DEE-ahs); if it's after noon, you'll say "Buenas tardes" (BWEH-nahs TAR-dehs), and after sunset, "Buenas noches" (BWEH-nahs NOH-chehs). And when you are meeting someone for the first time, it's also polite to say "Mucho Gusto" (MOO-choh GOOS-toh)! It means "Nice to meet you!"

"Our experience with the Baja Life Realty team was great, and it started months before we met them. As we started our Internet search to find a home and a realty team, they were fast to respond and provide the information we asked for. The sales process was awesome and the after sales support is incredible. They didn’t just help us buy a home, they helped us with knowledge and referrals for contractors, utility setup and so much more. Best real estate experience, 11 out of 10!" Gary & Daphne
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