Prepping for Baja's storm season, an update on Villas del Centenario, and where to shop for copper art pieces for your home.
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Hi Friend,

July is a month that brings both challenges (hello, heat!) and opportunities to relax here in La Paz. The water is warmer, making it the perfect time to swim and enjoy that pool with a view, to BBQ on your patio or just relax and enjoy the slower pace that summer brings. We've had our first sprinklings of rain this month, reminding us that it's time to start thinking ahead to "storm season." We put that in quotes because in many seasons, we don't really get any storms, just a buildup of clouds in the afternoons and a bit more humid weather. It may rain, it may not, and when it does it usually doesn't last long before the sun breaks through again. We welcome the much needed rain, which helps replenish the aquifers and gives the desert fauna a welcome boost.

If you've never been through the rainy season here in La Paz, it usually starts around mid-August, and lasts through mid-October. That can change, starting earlier and going later, but that is usually the time when we start thinking about getting prepared in case we do get a tropical storm or, rarely, a hurricane. To help you prepare, we are reviving a post we wrote last year on Prepping for Baja's Storm Season.

This month, we also bring you an update on Villas del Centenario. With the market moving as quickly as it has this year, most of the homes that were available for sale have sold, so many of our clients are now considering building their dream home to get exactly what they want. We've sold seven lots  so far in this new, master-planned community in the hills of El Centenario, and continue to get strong interest from our clients, so if you are considering a move to La Paz, be sure to check out the article below and our web site for more information on this up and coming neighborhood.

Unfortunately, we have taken a few steps forward and a few steps back in regards to the COVID-19 situation. The vaccination program has been moving quickly, with many folks already getting both their first and second vaccines, and more age groups eligible now to receive it. However, there has been an uptick in cases here in Baja California Sur, so to prevent further spread, the municipality of La Paz has once again temporarily closed beaches and is limiting alcohol sales to before 8:00 p.m. As always, for the latest information and updates on the current status, visit the BCS state government web site here.

Our Spotlight on El Centenario this month features Copper Art, a local, artisanal shop that specializes in hand-hammered copper pieces for your home, including sinks, bathtubs, cookware and more. Check out our article below for the story.

We hope you enjoy this month’s newsletter. As always, contact us with any questions, or just drop us a line to let us know if you're planning a trip to La Paz. We love meeting new folks and sharing all that we love about living in this beautiful place we are fortunate enough to call home.

Jim & Rebecca MacDonald
Baja Life Realty

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Villas del Centenario Progress Update
Here's what's new and what's coming soon in the neighborhood.
Villas del Centenario is the new, master-planned community taking shape in the hills of El Centenario, featuring ocean views overlooking the Sea of Cortez. The roads have been cleared, and all lots have been chalked out and lot signs are now up to identify the individual lots in the community. We have a new sign at the entrance, and signs are now posted at the entrance to Calle 13 and Highway 1 to direct people to the neighborhood. We will also soon begin work on the entrance wall and gate area, giving us a more formal entrance to the neighborhood.

LOTS RESERVED: Seven lots are now reserved, including lots 90, 95, 97, 98, 110, 111, and 112.
Click here to see the latest version of the lot map.

COMMON AREAS: Construction will begin this month on portions of the common areas, which will include a multi-sport court (tennis, basketball, pickleball, etc.), a multi-use building to be used as a combination gym and meeting area, a BBQ area with picnic tables and restrooms. The multi-use building will be first and will initially serve as the sales office and the design center where clients will select their finishes.

DESIGN AND FINISHES: We have completed the Interior Finishes and Exterior Finishes brochures, so you can now see which finishes come standard and the upgrade options available.

See the Interior Finishes Brochure here:
See the Exterior Finishes Brochure here.

Read more about the latest Villas del Centenario updates here.

Casa Tecolote
This dream home has 3 bedrooms, an open floor plan and modern finishes.
One of 6 models to be built in the new, master-planned community of Villas del Centenario, Casa Tecolote is a 3BR/2BA home with 180m2/1,937ft2 of interior living space opening onto a large 54m2/580ft2 covered patio with tiled roof. The stone front entry welcomes visitors into an open living/kitchen/dining area featuring 10' ceilings, a large built-in pantry, and dual sliding glass doors that open onto the terrace. Custom-built hardwood cabinetry, oversized tile, granite countertops and stainless appliances are included. The master suite has dual vanities in the bath, marble tiled shower and walk-in closets. The house also includes 2 guest bedrooms, a guest bath, laundry, and A/C units and ceiling fans in every room. Optional upgrades include a pool, spa, garage or garage/casita. The listing price includes the base home price plus a lot premium of $39,900. Lot premiums range from $39,900 - $79,900, so the final price of the home will vary based on the lot and any upgrades selected.

Prepping for Baja's Storm Season
Whether you’re buying or selling a home in La Paz, here’s how to make sure you’re prepared for rainy season.
It’s that time of year: storm season in La Paz. While technically the “hurricane season” in the Pacific can start as early as May and last through November, the typical rainy months in La Paz are August and September. These are also the hottest months here, so to avoid the heat and humidity, many seasonal visitors leave town during these months to visit family or go on vacation where it’s cooler.

With only a few months of rainy season, local La Paz and El Centenario residents welcome the rain. Not only does it help cool us off after a long, hot July, it replenishes the local aquifers and assures that our communities have a supply of water in the dry months to come. The desert blooms after a good rain, and it can be pretty incredible to see so many of the local plants spring to life, with green replacing the brown desert everywhere you look, and colorful flowers making an appearance.

Read the rest of the article here.
Spotlight on El Centenario: Copper Art
Local artisanal shop turns out functional, beautiful copper pieces for your home.
Did you know there’s a shop in El Centenario where you can see traditional, hand-hammered copper and order custom pieces from the Zapotecan family who makes them? Looking for something different to put a little "wow" into your new kitchen? Always dreamt of soaking in a gorgeous copper tub, but didn't know where to find one locally? Or maybe you just love the look and heat-conducting properties of real honest to goodness copper cookware. We have good news: Copper Art in El Centenario turns out hand-hammered copper pieces that are both beautiful and functional.

"We would like to thank Jim and his team at Baja Life Realty for a worry-free and helpful sale of our home in El Centenario. We would recommend his services for buying or selling." — Corby and Yvonne Miller
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