Should you choose a home in downtown La Paz or in a quieter neighborhood? The answer depends on your lifestyle.
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Hi Friend,

Welcome to our August newsletter. August is typically one of the slowest months here in La Paz. It's hot and humid, the rains have started, and everything just slows down a bit while we all find ways to deal with the hot weather using a combination of fans, A/C, swims in the ocean, and, let's be honest: the occasional siesta!

Living in the desert, you learn to appreciate rain when it comes. We enjoy sitting on our patio in El Centenario and watching the thunder and lightning storms in the distance, hoping the rain will reach us and give the desert plants a much needed boost. Sometimes it does, and other times we just get to watch the show. Every season here in La Paz brings its own unique magic, and we are grateful to live in such a beautiful place.

The real estate market has slowed just a bit after setting a blistering pace this past year. Many of the properties that were on the market this past year have sold, some within just days of being listed. Given that the available inventory has thinned quite a bit, more of our clients are looking to build their dream home here. The new master-planned community of Villas del Centenario, which will break ground this fall, is one example where several ocean view lots have already been reserved. If that sounds interesting to you, follow the link above to our web site, where we have more details including a lot map of the neighborhood, pricing and details on construction timeline and process.

One question we get from many of our clients who come here looking for a dream home in La Paz is: should I buy in downtown La Paz to be closer to the malecon and restaurants, or in El Centenario where it's quieter and there is more space? Each location has its pros and cons, and only you can decide which lifestyle suits you best, but to help you decide, check out this month's blog post: "Are You a City Mouse or a Country Mouse?". We've also included a couple of listings below showcasing some of the best properties these two locations have to offer, one in downtown La Paz and one in El Centenario.

Our Spotlight on El Centenario this month features La Pastelería, a local El Centenario sweet shop where owner Nayeli Diaz creates beautifully decorated cakes and other desserts for her customers. Her cakes are truly gorgeous and delicious, and with a little advance notice she can custom create a dessert to fit your theme. Check out our article below for the story.

The situation regarding COVID in Baja California Sur has been changing every few weeks as new information on cases here emerges. As of this newsletter, the state of BCS's traffic light system has been downgraded from a Level 5 to a Level 4. Because things change every few weeks, for the latest information and updates on the current status and what activities are allowed at each level, it's best to visit the BCS state government web site here.

We hope you enjoy this month’s newsletter. As always, contact us with any questions, or just drop us a line to let us know if you're planning a trip to La Paz. We love meeting new folks and sharing all that we love about living in this beautiful place we are fortunate enough to call home.

Jim & Rebecca MacDonald
Baja Life Realty

We moved here. You can, too.
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Are you a City Mouse or a Country Mouse?
Whether you love the bustle of city life, or prefer more space and quiet, La Paz offers residents a mix of amenities, culture and adventure that’s tough to beat.
Do you love being in the middle of it all, part of a bustling, busy scene? Or do you prefer a quieter, slower pace, with no lights or noise to get in the way of your stargazing or a full moonrise over the water? Like the children’s story book, whether you are a “city mouse” or a “country mouse” is one of those decisions you need to make when you’re contemplating a move to La Paz, BCS.

When Jim and I first came to La Paz looking for a potential vacation/eventual retirement home, we really didn’t know much about the area. We had heard about La Paz from some of the locals in Cabo San Lucas, where we owned a time share. They spoke in almost reverent tones of the city’s stunning beaches, the miles-long waterfront Malecon, and the peaceful, laid back vibe.

Read the rest of the article here.
For the Country Mouse: Casa Mogote
This home is one of 6 models available to build in the new master-planned, ocean-view community of Villas del Centenario.
Located in the hills of El Centenario overlooking the Sea of Cortez, the new, master-planned community of Villas del Centenario offers large 1,500m2+ ocean view lots where you can build your Baja dream home. Casa Mogote is the largest of 6 models available to be built in Villas del Centenario. A 3BR/2.5BA home with 2,153ft2 of interior living space, Casa Mogote's spacious living area opens  onto a huge 915ft2 covered entertaining area with tiled roof. The natural stone front entry welcomes visitors into an open living/kitchen/dining area featuring 10' ceilings, a large built-in pantry, and dual sliding glass doors that open onto the patio. Custom-built hardwood cabinetry, oversized tile, granite countertops and stainless appliances are included. The master suite has dual vanities in the bath, marble tiled shower and walk-in closet. The plan also includes 2 guest bedrooms, a guest bath plus a half bath, a large laundry room, and A/C units and ceiling fans in every room. Picture shown here includes upgraded finishes. Listed at $299,900 USD, the listing price includes the base home price plus a lot premium of $39,900. Lot premiums in Villas del Centenario range from $39,900 - $79,900, so the final price of the home will vary based on the lot and any upgrades selected.

For the City Mouse: Pedregal Condo
Enjoy all the conveniences of living close to downtown, with a great view.
Are you a City Mouse? Close to the malecon and downtown restaurants, the private, gated community of Pedregal is situated on a hill overlooking the Bay of La Paz. This 2 bedroom, 3 bath condo offers 1,782f2 of living space with sliding doors onto a patio that faces west to make the most of those beautiful La Paz sunsets, and is only 7 minutes away from downtown restaurants, shopping and the malecon. The legendary beaches of Balandra and Tecolote are also just 15 minutes away. Other amenities include an on-site gym, soccer field and tennis courts. Shaded parking for two cars and a storage room are included for each unit. Listed at $380,000.

Next time you’re invited to “bring dessert,” stop by this sweet shop and impress your hosts with a beautifully decorated and delicious cake.
“What can I bring?” It’s the standard question we all ask when invited to a friend’s home for dinner. If the answer is “dessert,” those of us who don’t love to bake may groan inwardly and wonder what we can pick up at the store that will pass muster.

Well, we have a better suggestion: stop by La Pastelería in El Centenario, and pick up one of proprietor Nayeli Diaz’s gorgeously decorated and delicious desserts. Your only challenge will be to decide which of her stunning cakes to choose. From tall and decadent Oreo, Milky Way or Snickers cakes decorated with their namesake cookies and candy on top, to her rich, moist carrot cakes (a local favorite), tres leches and banana cakes, we can pretty much guarantee these edible works of art will be a hit with your hosts!.

"Jim and Rebecca are top notch realtors. They go that extra step for you that you won’t get from other realtors. We used them for the purchase and sale of our home in Haciendas Palo Verde. They did such a great job! They use professional photographers which makes a huge impact when selling.  They are knowledgeable about the market. They CARE about you and your transaction. They make sure that everything that needs to be done, is handled correctly.  Buying or selling in Mexico is different from Canada, and Jim and Rebecca are the RIGHT choice to use.”  Wayne & Delia
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